The first 11:57 of the year took place last night, made even more significant by being the first one under Carol’s leadership, and actually being led by Carol; she did an amazing job.

11:57 is a place to get together and ruminate on the big questions; not always to find out the answers but more fundamentally to taste the spiritual side of life, nurture it, feed it, love it, grow it.

So what does 11:57 stand for?…..The name emerged from one of the gatherings described in the 11:57 story (see website). Someone brought a film called 11:57 that they’d made, about the approach of New Year – the hopes, the fears, the promises of resolutions that can all flood through your mind a few moments before the clock strikes midnight on December 31st. And we got to thinking that that was a little like what we were doing – talking, thinking, questioning like you do over a few glasses of wine late at night. 11:57 came to represent that time of night you start asking the deepest questions, wondering about the most abstract of things, the time when you have the profoundest of thoughts and experiences, the time when you’re most likely to feel that indescribable sense of connection with the soul, the time when somehow you feel like you’re caught in the middle of something so much bigger than yourself…